Golf Plans – The Challenges For 2014

All newbie golfers need some fundamental equipment in order to truly get started with the game of golf. There are some items that are really no-brainers and others that might astonish you to learn you need. This article explores some of the surprises you might not think of when purchasing your first pieces of equipment to help you play the game of golf. When you start out with great golf equipment you’ll find that you enjoy your game play much better and that you get so much more out of the overall experience.

You should invest in a good pair of golf shoes first. You’ll be spending a lot of time on your feet as you play a game of golf so make sure the shoes you purchase fit your feet and are comfortable to wear. You can speed up the process of breaking in your new golf shoes by wearing them off the course or to the driving range. Your spikes will need to be appropriate for the courses that you’ll play most often. Most courses in the U.S. require soft spike shoes, for example. Funnily enough, a golf umbrella is literally a vital piece of golf equipment. Wherever you play, that can be infrequent storms. Whether you feel you need protection from a little rain or not, the odds are good that your equipment does. Golf clubs are not small investments. It is in your best interest to shield them to the greatest of your abilities. Not considering the shaft material, the chances are decent that the club heads are not rust resistant. An umbrella is a small investment that will compensate you the first time you recognize that you need it.

After everything else, you’ll need to purchase a ball marker. Accurately, if you play Golf with others you want to be able to identify which ball is yours, particularly when the others you are playing with landed in a really dreadful location. Ball markers will assist you in saving money as you can have fewer difficulties recognizing your ball from others although it will also assist you in keeping a more precise account of where your ball is landing. This lets you to maintain better records of how correctly you’re hitting the ball and in what direction it has an inclination to go off course.

You can add years of enjoyment to your game by buying the right equipment but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Regardless if you’re brand new to the game of golf or returning to it, all the fancy bells and whistles available can be distracting. Stick with these great pieces of beginning golf equipment and you should be in great shape.

Footwear made mainly for golfing (Golf Footwear) are important if you want to have a lot of grip upon the golf course. Make it a point to read through a handful of product reviews for golfing shoes some time before you actually buy a pair. Before you purchase a pair, go through 10 golfing footwear review articles.