Golf – Advice

Golf is one of those addictive games that can be amazingly fun or intensely frustrating. After you master the game all is well but getting to that point can feel slow and painful. Make these adjustments to your game instead of giving up.

The first step to making your golf game better is to ensure that you have the correct equipment. This does not mean that you should purchase the priciest equipment available. Simply put, if you are a newbie, you should purchase the least expensive equipment available. These can come from someplace like a garage sale until you know which golf clubs at the best for your style of play. For instance, if you have to have a light club with an easy swing, you should get Golf clubs that have graphite shafts. But, you need to remember that the cheapest are steel shaft clubs. The only way to find the perfect set of clubs is to try them out, even if that means asking to try your friend’s clubs while on the range. Once you have figured out which clubs suit you, then you can invest in a customized set of professional golf clubs. Balance is the most important element of a good swing. Just remember, it will be difficult to hit the ball if you’re having trouble staying on your feet. Once you’re able to easily pivot around a single point it will be a piece of cake to hit the ball every time. This important pivot point is located just below the point where your collarbone meets the base of your neck; three inches below it to be exact. So, this is the point that should always stay fixed, while your body pivots around it. If you’re balance is not that good, then consider a golf-specific exercise routine to improve it. Your swing also depends on strength and flexibility so be sure to add exercises to build these as well.

A good grip is vital to having a good golf game. If you don’t master it properly in the beginning, you will have a tough time changing it later on. You might not even see that your grip is not right. You will become frustrated when your game does not appear to improve, even when you practice a lot. One thing to remember is that you should never grip the club to death. In fact, you should only use a light grip with your club. The Vardon grip, which is utilized by over 90% of all golfers, is the most popular. This is where your right pinkie should overlap the left index finger. You will find that a good grip can make a lot of difference to your golf game.

As you can see, there are some elements that can help you improve your game which are not directly connected to playing the game itself. However, without a good base for building up your skills, you do not have a good opportunity for making your game better. So, get the basics under control and you will be well on your way to making other golfers very envious.

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